Vora Tools, a Solid Carbide Tools Manufacturing Company in India offering High Quality Carbide Milling, Drilling and Reaming Tools for Industrial Use.
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  Milling, Drilling, Reaming, Special Tools
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Speed Pro Solid Carbide Tools are specially engineered to offer the most demanding applications in the world. Or approach to tool engineering consistently provides complex geometries for your applications.
Solid Carbide Milling Tools
Milling Program
Speed Pro end mill program is known for its innovative technology to machine the most exotic materials like Alloy Steel, P20, High...
  Solid Carbide Reaming Tools
Reaming Program
Speed Pro’s reaming program ensures wide product range to meet any material requirements, long life, high finishing accuracy on tough materials.
Solid Carbide Drilling Tools
Drilling Program
Speed Pro’s latest geometries help you drill in various materials like Cast Iron, Alloy Steel , Titanium and Stainless Steel. ...
  Solid Carbide Cutting Tools
Special Tools
Speed Pro’s special tool program ensures a correct procedure, with a 3D Cim program analysis and a CAD drawing after understanding...
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